Video editing save quality help.

Anyone with Video editing experience, I'm having a issue with the video quality my video editors are saving as. Im recording at 1080p-60fps , when editing and converting files to mp4 format, it only saves at 1080-30 which diminishes the quality of the video significantly. Is there any video editing software you would recommend that saves at a high res and high fps. My gopro4 will record at 120fps , but if i cant get it to save at 60 i wont be able to save at 120. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Video editing Programs used :
GoPro Studio
Windows movie maker



Below is an example of a Raw video with no editing strait from my go pro and below that is something i threw together to show the difference in quality. 





There is more to video quality then just resolution. Look into your export settings, most editors allow you to adjust the bitrate of the video. It allows you to change the amount of video data saved per second. More data per second, better looking video, at the cost of larger files. So it's a balance act. Youtube also has specific bit rates and frame rates which their videos are displayed out, going beyond these is pointless as it converts the video for their players. I don't know much about it but you can look up a lot of these things to maximize quality.

Using explorer, right click on the raw footage file, properties, details. This should should you the bit rate then compare to the edit.


Do some searching in youtubes help.


I've been doing a bit of editing but now  I've got 2 friends who both now have gopros who record our rides so I going to getting into it a bit more

More bitrate.

It'll be a bigger file but you'll have better quality.

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