2006 crf450x clutch issue? Help!

I been through a few threads on here about clutch noises, but nothing that is directly related to CRF's. First of all, I've already did an oil change to see if that was the problem, but the noise is still there.

The noise is like a clank or knock, but it only happens when I'm not pulling the clutch lever. When it's pulled in, even the tiniest bit, the noise goes completely away. Some of the threads on YZ's and YZF's say it's normal for some Yamahas to do that, could it be normal for CRF's too?

I change my oil every two rides and i'm very particular about keeping up on maintenance. I haven't owned the bike long, but I swear I can't recall ever hearing this noise. Please help.

The clutch is always noiser, and there is more vibration, when engaged.

So are you saying this is normal?? Any ideas what could be causing the noise? My best description is sounds like a throw out bearing going out in a car but quiets down when clutch is pulled in.

On a 2006 with unknown history that you just got, I would pull the cover and have a look.


Could be anything really; broken spring, notched basket, worn bearing, etc.



Anything you would have to split the case for??

Not if it's the clutch...that's all under the right cover.


Things that would require splitting the cases are:


1. Tranny

2. Crank

3. Bearings

4. Oil pump.


Everything else is outside.


That's why I said it wouldn't really hurt to look.  Pretty easy to do.


 It may be nothing as Krannie said, but if there is a problem, it's always better to catch it sooner rather than later.


 But I have to say, I'm not sure anything described as a "clank" or "knock" with the clutch lever out would be normal.  Sounds like something has some slop that should not.  Everything should be tight and engaged with the lever out.


 You might get some noise out of the needle bearing if it's worn with the lever out, but that's not something I would say would sound like a clank or a knock.  Would be a constant noise.


 More than likely  you have a worn hub, basket, or plates and with the clutch lever out, your hearing the plates go back and forth.  You would hear a knock or clank every time you took off or slowed down, and it would disappear when you pulled the lever.


 Obviously though were not there<g>



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Thanks bro the noise is constant and Its definitely not a knock or clunk. I wish I could describe it better. I'll pull the cover off during the weekend and see what parts are worn. Thanks again

So are you saying this is normal?? Any ideas what could be causing the noise? My best description is sounds like a throw out bearing going out in a car but quiets down when clutch is pulled in.

So its a shrieking squeal?   

No. No shrieking squeal either almost like grinding but I wouldn't call it that either. maybe I'm just paranoid about it.

Sounds like the stock noise


Kind of like an old  washing machine on spin cycle, when you release the lever....?

Yes I would say so. Ok to ride or no?

  On the clutch lever when you pull it, are you going all the way?  or are you saying it's a slight pull, like 1/8 of an inch and the noise stops?


  If the later I would think a worn needle bearing.   If not, then the usual clutch noise.


  I think I would still have a look though....initially you said you don't remember the noise before and now do, meaning something changed.



I think you are fine.


Having said that, if you are really worried, try and do a video of the issue, and post it.


You will have to transfer the video to Vimeo or Youtube to be able to post it.

Great thanks for all the help guys I'm new to the thread and new to the crf450x as well and love it I had a suzuki rm250 before. I can say I don't miss the 2 strokes haha

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