Carb problems

Someone wants me to rebuild a carb for them on a 2002 blaster. He says it keeps leaking gas out of one of the tubes and drains all the gas real quick. Does it need rebuilt? Sounds like maybe one of the jets broke or something and the gas is just going straight though.

Sounds like a float mis-adjustment or dirt in the needle/seat area.

I don't know if it needs rebuilt.. What do you think?

It definitely needs taken apart and inspected. No parts are usually needed when taking apart and cleaning them.

Does it leak when running. Cause I have an Atv that if you leave the petcock in the on position over night like a 1/4 of the tank will slowly leak out but if you turn turn the gas off while not riding it does not leak then just turn it back on when you want to ride. It wont leak while you're riding because the engine is using enough gas from the carb to not let it reach the overflow line.

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