Oil seal around gear shifter.

How do I change the seal?

Purchase a diamond carbide cutting bit for a dremel tool. Cut a slot into the metal portion of the seal, large enough for the tip of an automotive seal puller to fit. Pull back on the seal puller, and it will pop right out.

Would a pair of pliers work?

Its already broken.

I use an angle pick, pull it out, oil up a new and install a new one with a washer and something that fits over the shifter. 

Okay. Put the washer behind or in front of it?

The washer is used as a tool to protect the outside of the seal during installation. The washer OD should be larger than the seal so it can contact the case, this insures that the seal stops moving when it is flush with the case. You will need a piece of tube or pipe with an ID to fit over the shift shaft that you can use to drive the seal into place, a short length of PVC is good enough and cheap. I recommend cutting a square end on the pipe or tube, and using that end against the washer/seal so it is driven straight. 

Sounds good thanks!

Oh btw, use some grease or oil on the seal when installing. On the inner part that goes over the shaft and the outer part, so it slides in smoothly.

Okay will do. Picking up the part today.

You may want to put a wrap of that clear packing tape around the splines, this helps keep the new seal from being damaged by the splines.

Soooo put the seal around the tape?

Yes, the tape is pretty thin and just covers any sharp edges that may be on the splines.

Okay I'll put the seal in tonight. So oil it up, put tape inside, and use a washer on the outside when I push it in so it doesn't get damaged. Anything else?

I had a problem with mine to where I was only getting like three months before it started to leak again so after the third one I tried this...

Washer pressed up against the seal held tight by a "cut to fit" steel roll pin. No leaky leaky for 5+ years now:)

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1426130053.499879.jpg

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Well I put it in.. And I realized the little slot where it goes broke off in the front!! My little brother must of hit something. I'll have to get a new case for that side now. I found one for $15! The case I had to buy for my bike when it broke cost $200.. Lucky kid.

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