2008 xcf-w price and value

Ok. I found this bike. I'm guessing I can get it for 2k. Very new condition. Been sitting in storage for 2 years, and doesn't run. Am I stupid to even consider this?

I'm a lifer Honda guy.

I have a 2009 sxf 250, and I like it. Is the gas bad in it? Any reason why it's parked? Do you know how many hours on it? I paid 3500 canadian for my sxf a year and a half ago, if that gives you a price baseline. It was in very good shape

2k sitting and not running. Id go cheaper. If it was parked not running a grand. If it ran when parked $1500. Depending upon how much they know.

I'm passing on it. He went bankrupted, and had a lien on it. Bank has the title. Can't even sticker it. It's worthless to a public lands rider.

Where is it located?

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