Help finding 29mm valve shims

I dont know why this is so hard, is there anywhere where i can buy a whole 29mm valve shim kit?!? Where do all the shops get them, why are they so hard to find?!

Ive got a klr600 ive veen working on, one exhaust valve is at .008mm and all the rest i cant even fit .004mm in there.. Might explain why i have no conpression, all four shims are 240 size, so im thinking i need like some 230s and 225s, maybe a 220..i managed to find one shim kit, for $126, but its smallest size was a 230, i would much rather pay a little more and get a whole kit then havr to sit and individually order them one by one and take weeks to get them set.. I also have an old yamaha im building that takes the same shims, its sizes are close to around 300, so a whole kit would prove very useful for setting everything

all the kits out there have too many large shims and very few small ones. and, they are too much money for what you get. go to somebody like Arrowhead in Moab or Rockey Mountain ATV and order what you need, and what you will need in the furure. the valves get tighter with more miles

What would be the cheapest place to get em? Im in salt lake so moab is a little far.. $7 seems a little much.. If i could get em for like $4-5 i figure i could get aeay with two 230's 4-225's and 2-220's

I agree with Beezerboy.  I used to build lots of KZ 900 and 1000.  I will check my stock and get back to you.  I have lots of 2.85 to 3.00.  Before I spend money and time on KL do a leak down test.  With test if you hear loud air noise in crankcase, light noise is normal, the compression issue may be deeper than valves.

  Any how I will get back to you on my shim stock.  

Oh yeah if you find that a 2.00 does not give clearance the valves are probably worn beyond service limits.


 Good day


Check your local Harley dealership. Harleys use the same 29mm shims and are usually cheaper from Harley.

Good to know, ya im gonna be picking up a little pancake compressor here in a few days, if im getting to much air past my rings then ill start looking into the 650 upgrade

What?! Good to know! I have a harley dealership just down the street! Theres one yamaha dealership out here that carries them but they charge $13 a shim, and the bmw dealership, well i think one requriement to work there is to be a pompous ass, if your not working on a bmw they wont talk to you period, and you say you have a BMW, even then they dont wanna help they say just bring it in..

the early  BMW "K" bikes used them too... and less money than from Kawi.... go figger


another intersting source is Ford. I got this info for the Tarus SHO engine.  29mm Ford shim thickness increments are .025mm .

Motorcraft E9DZ-6515- x......... the first "x" is the letter "N ".....   so E9DZ-6515-N is 2.300,  there is no "O" or "Q" in the code.  next letter is P... it  is a 2.325, R is 2.350, S is 2.375, T is 2.400.... out to Z which is 2.550. then it switches to AA which is 2.575, and continues as BA(2.60), CA(2.625), etc


this is old price data.... $3.04 $3.15
...SHO NUT Performance $3.55

Thanks Beezerboy

  That is some excellent info.  I would like to get titanium shim under set up for my KLR I just can not justify the cost.  Do you have any information about that setup?

I am not a car guy but if I remember that Tarus engine came from Japan (Yamaha?)?


Ford pats in a KLR Cool S--T



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That is way cool to know, and im liking the pricing and the sizing of those! Will get tgem ordered soon!

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