Powroll 95cc kit installed

I just installed an old Powroll 95cc piston kit (found on E-bay), in my 10 year olds CRF 80 did port work and valve job, advanced the ignition timing 2 degrees, stock cam, had a pipe already, and made adjustments to the stock carb. This thing now runs like it should I ordered 15 tooth front and 45 rear sprocket to try. My son only weighs 65lbs and it really rips with him riding. Hopefully this will be good enough untill next year and we buy a CRF150R! Ha I have a question: with the cylinder now very thin do these now run hot?

In the summer they do.  When it get near 100 degrees outside and you run these pinned for any length of time they will get super hot.  Just make sure you always change the oil on those days. Even after a days riding. $2.50 a quart for oil is cheap insurance. Being a little kid, they can go for hours and not get tired.  Fresh oil, clean air filter, listen for valve noises on the stand, check the chain (get a real chain guide, there is one on ebay for around $20), keep the spokes tight, and it should last forever.

Thanks socal, bought a 1995 xr100 carb on e-bay. I just put new sprockets and chain and bbr chainguide I'm pretty anal about changing the oil so should last a long while. Thanks for the info.

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