What is so good about Hotcams

I recently got my yz450f and it has stage 2 hotcams in it. I never really rode a 450 before so I can't really tell a difference in the bike with the hotcams in it. Just wondering why everyone says they are so good, what do they really do that is different from a regular cam?

Very generally speaking an after market cam shaft affects how soon a valve opens, how far it opens, how long it stays open, and how soon it closes, along with some other details. How this changes performance revolves around getting more fuel/air mixture into and out of the combustion chamber. Hot Cams is just one manufacturer of said camshafts. 

I have a Stage III in my 05 CRF250R. What it did was move the power up in the rev range. Less on bottom, more on top. It pulls a LOT harder and farther than the stock cam.

Actually it's not a whole lot different on bottom, still lugs well. The main difference is that when you REALLY lug the engine such as in a hillclimb, it will just shut off rather than lugging all the way to the bottom. Makes slipping the clutch more of a necessity.

Tons of overrev though. It pulls hard all the way to to the limiter. Adding a DRD full exhaust made it work even better. It's the way engine mods work- one mod accentuates the others. Obviously, the carb must always be rejetted to account for better flow...

Port work would be the logical next step but it's pretty darn good the way it is.

Some people swear by hot cams and some people say they don't make a difference. I don't have any personal experience but just thought I'd bring that up.

As was said a stage 2 will give it more power at the top end and loose some bottom. I've got a perfect pair of stage 1 WR450 cams for sale.

There are a couple things that set Hot Cams apart from the others:

1) they use a very sophisticated and modern design technique that is the same as F1. It is the current state of the art.

2) they have a clever dyno development process that leads to a near optimal cam.

3) they have a CNC cam grinder which allows them to make many prototypes for testing <-this is a big deal

4) they have Mori production machines that allow them to produce cams in quantities keeping the prices low

5) they have a lot of resources such as people, CNC cam grinders, CMM inspection, eddy current dyno, that others don't have.

Hotcams is not perfect but pretty damn good compared to the other cam businesses in this small industry.

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