2011 Husqvarna TC250 4 stroke, is this a good bike?

Hey guys, i have a crf250r it's way to powerful for me even in gear 1!!!! Anyway, i've found a Husky TC250 for sale, and i asked the owner and he said it's smooth power but once you hit gear 4-5 it hammers. Anyway, i was wondering will this enough of a downgrade from the crf for me to handle?? I read up on them and saw they are the least powerful bikes in the whole 250 range. Also is this an MX or enduro, and will this be good for riding MX and enduro? I weigh 56kg and i am 185-190 CM.

BTW here's an image of one: tc250.jpg

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Its not gunna be much slower (if at all) than your CRF250 mate.


Just learn the CRF in a safe place and you'll be fine.

I rode a 2010 tc250. They are great bikes! If your crf250 is too powerful the tc250 fits into the same category. Maybe you should look into a xr250, crf230, or ttr225?

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Going from one MX bike to another is a lateral move not a downgrade. Either get used to what you have or go with one of the many suggestions you have already gotten in all of your threads.

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