2010 YZ450 popping and back fire

Any info on my 2010 YZ 450 would be helpful. At low throttle or in the wood is even worse. My bike starts acting like its gonna stall and starts back firing and popping. I've already put a new fuel pump in it. Change all my mapping back to stock. Checked all my connection. Also check with my tunner and didn't find any codes. It's already been to the bike shop twice. I'm gonna try and clean to fuel injector next???

You need to do a valve adjustment, replace your plug, and clean your injectors


Using an in-tank sock filter? Gotta have it.


Treating your gas? Gotta do it.

try someones coil cap i have  seen several go bad

I just checked the valves and I use octane booster but never had a problem with it be for. It's got a fresh motor in it as well. It all happened about 20 hours after. Wide open throttle it does the same thing. It acts like it loading up?

I agree with Kah Ran Nee, replace the plug, clean injectors, check coil, check ignition voltage.

Thanks for the input guys I'll try it this weekend

What can I use or how can I clean my injector?

You tube and google Keihin injector cleaning

Thanks for all the help guys. After cleaning my injector I found my injector pin in the plug was really loose. Seemed to fix my problem so far. Also thank for the info on how to clean my injector it was help fuel to.

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