Is a '93 Husky TE610 a fair trade for a '98 Kawasaki KX250?

My Bike


1998 KX250, over the summer I rebuilt the top end (wiseco kit), replaced the air filter, spark plug, repacked the muffler, replaced the fork seals, rebuilt the front brake master cylinder, front brake caliper, replaced front and rear brake pads, new rear tire, new black front rim, new bar pad, rebuilt fuel petcock and thoroughly cleaned carb. After rebuilding it I've only gotten to ride it in the field next to my house so all those new components have less than 25 minutes of ride time on them. It's also got a full pro-ciruit exhaust system and acerbis brushguards, front wheel has about 95% tread still, registered until June 2016.


His Bike


1993 Husqvarana TE610, plated here in California. He said the sprocket, chain, headlamp, clutch and kickstarter have been recently replaced. Could use a new rear tire, needs the wiring for headlamps/brake lights to be fixed. Needs new compression release lever too. From the pictures he sent me it looks like it is in really nice condition. Registered until June 2015.


Trade Deal


Straight across, bike my for his. I'm going to go check it out and I think I'm going through with the deal, but wanted to know what you guys think of it. I didn't get a chance to ride the KX after the rebuild because I don't currently have a way of getting it to the trails, and don't get to do trail riding too often. I also have a street legal 2008 DR650, which I think I would teach my girlfriend on. Love riding with her, but hate riding with her; I'm not a fan of 2-up trail riding. So that's what makes this deal so appealing. One of my concerns is plate revoking from the California DMV, but since it's a '93 maybe it's safe? Another concern is the left-side big-bore kickstart only, but I think that's something I could get used to. My last concern is parts availability for repairs, which I know isn't great.

Apparently the Husky's top end was also recently rebuilt less than 2 years ago.

Id jump all over a kid spiked to the gills on ritalin on a trampoline.

Id jump all over a kid spiked to the gills on ritalin on a trampoline.


:smirk: haha, well how could I not do it after an anaolgy like that?

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