Flywheel Weight

I recently purchased a CRF 80 for my 11 year old son. I am interested in lightening the flywheel to get it off the line a little better. I am not interested in a big bore kit or a 100 motor yet. How much weight can I take off this stock 80 flywheel? I have read everything from "ABSOLUTELY no more than 6-8oz" up to 12oz for a 100. The mods we are starting with this weekend are


Crf 100 carb (22mm) w/ 105 main and 38 pilot at sea level

Uni Filter Pod Filter (no airbox)

Pro Circuit T4 full exhaust

BBR Rev Box

Hot Cam Stage 1

15T front and 46 Rear Sprockets


Back to the main question.. How much weight can I remove from the flywheel on this bike? Thanks in advance and some advice maybe with the sprockets would be appreciated as well.


Nobody has an idea about this? Looking for a little help. Son's birthday is on the 11th.

Take of 7oz, that's OK and you will feel the difference.

Thanks for the response. I have a place to do it, just didn't know what was enough or too much.

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