88 kx125 straight fender mod

ok so i saw that there is a way to put 1994 kx125 fenders on an 88 i just wanted to know what i need to do to do this?

hacksaw and zip ties?  :excuseme:

I did it for my 89 KX250 (bike in my av)...details at http://www.kxriders.com/forums/index.php/topic,9456.0.html.  It's not a perfect fit (more tin snips and utility knife than hacksaw!), but close enough and looks a bunch better.  You will need a hacksaw and knife to trim a small ridge off the bottom/back of the seat pan so it fits.  Seat fit is a LITTLE tighter than stock, but not an issue.


You rebuilding, too?  Pics?

no im not rebuilding its my 1st bike i just wanna make it look better ill try to put some pics up later

where in nj are you chuck 671?

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