Suspension question

So I have a 13 250sx, trying to spring and revalve it. I'm a b/c mx rider that weighs around 225. I'm trying to figure out proper fork and shock spring sizes. Also is the neihlo linkage stock? I just bought this bike so I don't know much about it.

get your springs correct, then see if you need a re-valve.

Easiest way is to set static sag per the manual, then see if rider sag is within correct range.


Static sag is bike on ground with NO rider vs bike on stand.

Rider sag is bike on ground WITH rider vs. bike on stand.


if you have to pre-load the springs to get rider sag right, but static sag is too small, then you need to go up in spring rates.

(if you have stock springs, they will be too light  for 225lb rider.)


the trick is to get the correct springs so that both Static sag and Rider sag are within limits

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