Te 250 engine question

I recently purchased a 2004 Te 250 the bike is nice except for the big end bearing I have found only two sources for replacement parts ebay has prox rods but it says there for 2005-7 will this fit

Also cranks listed the same way. I found one online based company that has a listing for a complete

Oe crank assembly for a 2004 but it's more than I paid for the bike. I would be great full for any help

Have you called George


George Erl
111 West Dyer Road #B
Santa Ana, CA 92707

I believe the 2005-2007 TE250 rod kit also fits the 2004 TE250... 2004 is the same motor as 05-07 just with bad valves if I remember correctly.

Thanks I will call

So I spoke with George he has one rod kit but it's spoken for, he did say he would try and find one.

Very knowledgable guy and generous with his time still on the parts hunt though so once again any help would be great.

Did u try Halls Cycle?

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