09 CRF 450r Clutch Push Rod Wear



I'm in the process of updating my worn out 4 spring clutch, and noticed some wear marks on the clutch push rod. This is the end that goes towards the actuator arm. Any idea what would cause this? Worn out bearings? Want to address it while I'm in the motor.







The lifter rod in the '09 isn't heat treated like the older ones, or the newer ones are, so he ends wear faster. Just replace it with the part from '10-'12, #22851-KZ3-J20. Or, even better, use the ProX rod part #17.RR1002.


Thanks Jason,


Just wanted to make sure this wasnt abnormal wear and that there was something else I should be replacing. I have had my eye on the ProX ones and will order one of those.

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