Poll - year, hours, and repairs you have done to your YZF?

The "longest owner" post prompted me to start this thread to see what might be out there. I have owned several brands of bikes and the YZF seems to be the most reliable bike requiring the least amount of maintenance. To make this meaningful and hopefully helpful to future owners, post (1) year of bike (2) how long you had it (3) number of hours on it (3) repairs/rebuilds you made at which hour mark.

I purchased my bike used...no hour meter so I have no idea how many total hours on it but I did run it in the Glen Helen 24 hour race as our night bike and it performed flawlessly. To add to the database, here are my answers:

(1) 2006 250F

(2) 2 years

(3) Unknown, put about 40 hours on it since purchase (hour meter installed after rolling it into my garage)

(4) No major work, the bike has never been rebuilt.

Note: this 2006 still has the factory valve warrantee which I have not had done yet.






I have an 06 250f as well. Bought it 4 months ago with approx 75 hours on the bike (estimated by my mechanic). First thing I did was check valve clearance and everything was still in spec. Then called yamaha to check on the valve recall status on this particular bike. The valves were changed back in 06. Give em a call and check to see if the work was completed yet. Also even though the recall work on my bike was completed the VIN was not marked accordingly so it never hurts to double check.

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