Cylinder condition pics

I was just wondering what you guys think about my cylinder. Is it good or what? Should I just deglaze, clean and install? Any insight would be appreciated. Parts started coming in today so I'm about to the top end this weekend. I know I posted these pics before but I'm just trying to get it right and not have all my money go down the drain since this will be my first rebuild. Thanks in advance






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Can not accurately tell condition of cylinder piston in the way. The cylinder wall just under the exhaust port is the highest wear spot And with the cylinder still on the bottom end and the piston in the way can see like half of the cylinder surface.

yeah pull it and wash it nicely before posting pictures. 

Can't tell with the jug on.


I would NEVER deglaze a used jug


Next time drain the coolant first to avoid this mess

Jetting looks good with the carbon pattern on the piston.

You need to measure the bore for an accurate size, pictures are really useless without bore sizes. If you can see any plating peeling away or feel any of those score's with your finger nail then likely it will need a replate.

looks like the plating is worn off in a few area's

I will post more pics once I remove the jug

Update...jus pooped the cylinder off still have a light x hatch and cant feel no scracthes with my fingernail here r the pic let me know what you guys think






Use a green scotch brite pad on the glazed areas in a cross pattern. Use some oil to lubricate when you do it. Then clean it a few times with WD40 and clean rag until you don't see anymore black on the rag.

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