indoor/outdoor carpet in trailer. Staples or tape?

Im going to grab some indoor outdoor carpet for the floor in my enclosed....


Should i staple in in with a staple gun or tape it?

I'd tape it. If you need to pull it up for a spill or "something" it will be easier. Glue would be my second choice, then those sharp & painful staples.

6 riders is right. If you spill something and you do end up needing to rip it up depending on how many staples you put down (assuming the trailer is at least 10 ft long and 6 feet wide you probably will have at least 100+ staples) is it going to be a bit** to get all that up unless you rip the carpet up and just beat the staples farther down into the floor with a hammer, and re-staple over them/beside them. So I'd probably go with tape unless your real careful with it and don't spill something or do something that will cause you to have to replace the carpet. But better yet just staple it and if you do spill something just attack it with a pressure-washer and a soapy scrubing brush and just scrub it and pressure wash it out cause staples are, at least I would say, a more sturdy route to go.


So if you want an sturdy but more temporary way staples is the way to go.

But if you are looking for something that can be ripped up easily then tape is the way to go.

So basically it is your choice


And don't overdo the amt of staples, it really will not take very many. Start with the minimum, you can always add more. Easy to remove with small pliers if needed.

If you are going to use staples, make sure to buy stainless steel ones. I somehow managed to mix up my staples and now (about 4 years later) about 1/2 of them are rusting. Since the carpet is shot now anyway, I'm thinking that linoleum would be a better option since it is MUCH easier to keep clean... though I have some laminate (wood) flooring that would look nice! :thinking:

i think im going to do the tape

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