DRZ Engine Rebuild Help

My 2006 DRZ400sm needs a rebuild due to the rod knocking. Ran it to long without any oil.

Would it be cheaper or about the same price if I

A. Do a normal rebuild.

B. Grab a Big Bore kit


My price range is $2500

What do you guys recommend.

I'm going on the assumption that the cylinder is toast but I'd go big bore stock stroke

If the rod died from lack of oil the head cam journals are damaged as well.. If so, you are likely better off finding a good used motor.. to run as is, or build from. 

How much would a rebuild cost? Price range

Motor needs a tear down and inspection to determine the extent of damage to decide on rebuild or replacement or cost of rebuild.  Will you be paying shop rate or doing it yourself?

Shop rate. It's a good shop they don't try and suck the life out of your back account

Bank account*

Shop rate. It's a good shop they don't try and suck the life out of your back account

Bank account*

Get a quote on inspect and report.

Ask if the I&R cost can be rolled in to repair cost of that is chosen. 

May I humbly suggest, post what they find and their parts list / repair plans are.

visit the shop in person, with a camera, take pictures as they point out, explain and describe what they found damaged or in need of repair and / or replacement. 

Techs get paid flat rate most places, and they are not getting paid to talk to customers, so come prepared with your questions (talk to the service advisor in advance) once you meet with the tech, be courteous and quick,, remember while standing there talking to you not wrenching, he is not making any money.,,,and he was hired to wrench , not meet and greet customers, so the demeanor may not be great... but who cares, you want a great Tech, not public speaker. 

Thanks man! I'll update you asap

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