Phoenix, AZ - Bulldog OHV- Sunday 3/8/15 Ride in the A.M.


I'll be heading out to Bulldog on 3/8/15 in the A.M. Nothing too early. I'm thinking around 9ish.


I'd love to have some company. Gotta get my scooter a little more dialed in.  I'll be heading out from Gilbert (Queen Creek & Power Rd). Being new to the area I'm expecting this to be a solo ride and practice session, but perhaps some of you wouldn't mind showing a new guy around.


Bulldog permit and OHV tags squared away.


Open to other suggestions as well. Let me know if you'd like to go ride!

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Me and a buddy going to sycamore that day. I'm at chandler heights and power. We ride mostly single track with some jeep trails. your welcome to tag with us. We dont ride fast but we get where we need to go. Both of us are 38.  message me if your interested.

Id love to tag along. Ill hit you up.

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