Best crossover bike

As of now I ride an 08 crf250r, I ride a decent amount of motocross and woods and I'm about to upgrade my bike to start racing, motocross and xc, so what bike would best fit, I'm thinking 12 and up ktm250sx or xc, setup mild suspension, stiff enough to be competitive for motocross but still be soft enough so I don't get wore out really quick in the woods and Rekluses so I can lug it and not have to worry about stalling it, in your guys opinion is this a good idea? And what bikes would you guys recommend, here's a picture of my current crf250rImageUploadedByThumper Talk1425506298.687544.jpg

And I forgot to say this but I'm definitely wanting a 2 smoker

any mx bike can be set up for woods, although its a pain sometimes.


the xc would be a better starting point as its woods friendly, best bet is to try it on the track with suspension set stiffer and see how it is.


it might be possible to get springs that are a happy medium and a few clicker adjustments are all that is needed to go from woods to track.


good choice wanting a 2 stroke, although people have said the difference in operating costs (repairs) more or less is the same as the 2t needs more love more often that the 4t.


I cant confirm this so its just what i have heard.

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