Suspension oil change.. HELP ASAP PLZ

I'm off to Belgium tomorrow for a week of motocross with the lads, Ive had leaky fork seals for a while now, but just got the fork doctor and that's sorted it all out, no more leaks, but because I lost quite a bit of oil over the months I wanted to replace it before my trip.

I have a 2015 ktm 250sx EU version, (still pissed about having leaky seals with a new bike) when I changed the oil, I left the clickers as they were and I just cracked the seal between the cartridge and outer tube, tried to keep the cartridge as still as possible while I unscrewed the outer fork tube, then pull it down, emptied oil, put 400ml back in and screwed it back up.. As far as I'm aware this is correct.. But the worry I'm having is when I was tighting it all back up, I span the cartridge by mistake instead of turning the outer tube to tighten it back up.. Is this an issue or am I worrying over nothing? Is it OK for the cartridge to spin like that or will it mess anything up? clickers, etc? Don't fancy a sleepless night worrying that I've messed it up lol

Sorry if I've explained it poorly.

Thanks in advance,

I would help you if I new the answer, but I do not.  You might try the suspension forum on KTMtalk?

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