Pit Bike?

I'm 13 and i live in the middle of the woods of Maine so noise or neighbors won't be a problem. I'm looking for a small 110-150 pit bike to ride around the yard and take to the power lines and pits and such. I have trails behind my house so I'd be riding trails too. I was looking at the SSR 110, but I was wondering if there was much better out there. My budget is around $1000 so try to keep it around that. I also found one on craigslist for $250, would it be worth it?

I grew up in Maine and man did I beg my folks for a pit bike with no luck haha. If you want an awesome pit bike that has lots of aftermarket options but wont bust your bank then look at a XR100. They have changed very little besides plastics sense 1985 so parts are cheap and very plentiful. You should be able to find an older one with a fat seat for around $600 in good running condition. Dont worrie about power they have plenty and have 5 gears. You can also pick up a full 120cc big bore kit from BBR on ebay for around $260. I'm helping a friend of mine restore his 85 and we are pumping it up for power. If your a bit taller and want to rock a 2 stroke you can pick up a CR80R Expert for around $750. I just picked up a 1998 CR80R Expert with some problems for $325 and it only needed like $65 bucks in parts, I went overboard and fully restored it and I only have $750 into it. So parts are very cheap for those bikes too, you can get the small wheel but the big wheals you can grow into and have for a longer time, but they dont last as long as the XR100's do. Rebuilds for the CR80 are dirt cheap too, full rebuild kit from wiseco for top and bottom end is about $260. Both bikes have pros and cons. The XR100 is smaller and more pit bike like but has less power, the CR80 is faster and has better suspention but isn't as bulletproof as the XR but thats not saying its a bad motor at all its just hard to kill an XR100 motor. Hope this helps. Oh and you can get an SSR 110 but i think they only have a 4 speed tranny compared to the XR's 5 speed and the CR's 6 speed. They also are not built as well either in my opinion, they are cheap for a reason. Buy one of the big 4 and you cant go wrong.

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