help with jumping a yz125

Hi, I find myself shifting up and out of the power band when approaching a jump to avoid wheeling up the jump and landing heavily on the back wheel.

So my question is if I should keep doing this or is there something i'm doing wrong like leaning to far back or something. Do I keep the power constant up the face of the jump or let off or increase power. thanks

I have the same problem with my CR125. I almost lose control when it happens but some how I save it from looping out. Except for one time recently when I went out on the track too soon after the water trucks and looped out on the face of a jump. All I remember is reaching for the seat mid-air and eating shit on the down slope. I found squeezing the seat with my knees helps but not always. So I either up shift or back off the throttle to reduce wheel spin right before the lip of the jump. I'd be interested to hear what other have to say as well. This bike just wants to rip out of your hands sometimes LOL!

I not the only one!

Squeeze with your knees and get forward over the front of the bike with steady throttle and you'll be flying right along.

If you're uncomfortable jumping on the pipe, then you're probably missing one or more of the things- Body position, body movements, suspension rebound- necessary to jump safely.


Being higher in the rpms doesn't make the bike any less predictable jumping. It will however, send you jumping further and faster. If you don't have the skills adjust for it, it can get dangerous. Not from the pipe, but from the bigger jumps, ect. Chances are if you think you might boner air on the pipe, you will still be boner airing even lugging.


Body position and throttle control are good advice. But I think better advice is focus on body movement. If your coming into a jump face and just staying neutral and not working the bike, then the bike is jumping and you are just along for the ride. Make the proper inputs on the face to control the bike and both you and the bike will do what you want. 


Imagine a small single that was right out of a corner. No landing just a small lip. Small enough that you don't have to let off at all before hitting it and small enough you don't land hard and want to land both wheels at the first time. While still on the face going over it you would start moving your body forward relative to the bike so that once in the air your already forward on the bike bringing the front end down. If you wanted to, you should be able to go forward so hard that back end comes up and the seat hits you in the butt, causing an on purpose endo that you can control and don't crash from. Practicing those type things on singles then small tables or doubles should be a part of your next practice if you can't do them.

ok ill try these next time thanks

Pasa, do you have a lowering link on your bike by chance?

no, why?

Just curious, I have a lower link installed on mine by previous owner. I'm putting the original link back in to see if that helps.

Just curious, I have a lower link installed on mine by previous owner. I'm putting the original link back in to see if that helps.

ok tell me what your findings are does it feel more stable or less etc.

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