2000 xr400?

So this guy has this bike. Has some gear that comes with it but has no title? I don't need one but he won't go lower than 2300 bucks. Is it worth it? Thoughts? ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1425517958.606779.jpg

imo...it might be worth the 2300...but that would be a lot of money to me. I'd want a title

Kbb has it for 2k. I just had a drz that was listed on kbb for 3200 and I got 3800. I really want one and may be rushing into it. Idk. He also said cold it takes 4-5 kicks and when warm 2-3. What do Yall think? I have a 2002 xr400 and usually fires second kick cold and first once hot. Not sure what is normal?

Not a very good without a title

Expect a nice titled non stolen but not street titled one to be under 2k

I got a 98 400 last year with a clean dirt title with a complete baja designs dual sport kit plus the bike had so little use still had original tires with nuns still on them total cost 1500

Untitled is possibly stolen and as a parts bike expect to pay400 to 900 if runs complete and if good shape maybe up to 1200 but no way a no title bike at that price

Even if Legit owner getting a title is significant cost and Hassle and someone else may have claim to your purchase

It's not stolen he is giving me a full bill of sale. Now I am thinking very long and hard.

In the market around here a dirt bike with only bill of sale is worth 400 to 1000 less than with a dirt title and with a street title is worth 400 to 1000 more than with a dirt title as DMV no longer allows conversion of dirt title to street regardless of equipment installed

No title means someone avoided taxes or got it second hand from someone but until the cops run the vin you have no way to make sure the guy giving the bill of sale has clear unencumbered ownership and the online vin searches don't hold all the info in the data base law enforcement checks

I just won't hassle with an untied motorcycle as I don't want the risk or frustration others agree hence the decreased market value

They are getting harder to find, I paid 1800.00 for my 2002 with title.   It needed work, mostly cosmetic, and chain sprocket set.  I would want a titled machine.  Expect to pay 1500-3500 for a decent xr4.

Personally, I'd avoid it. If you ride only in your back yard and never plan on taking it anywhere else to ride or re-selling it, I guess the no-title wouldn't be an issue. But that's a lot of money to gamble with.

I've been looking for about a month or so finally found 98 xr400 with a street title for $2000 bike is in good shape starts 2nd or 2rd kick, I was able to get it plated yesterday can not ride until the snow melts though.

Once bitten,,,, twice shy....... I only purchase a bike WITH a title....I have learned the hard way,,,hopefully you will not!

Once bitten,,,, twice shy....... I only purchase a bike WITH a title....I have learned the hard way,,,hopefully you will not!

what happened if your situation if you don't mind me asking

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I bought a titled yz250f in good shape. Now I have an xr400 and a yz250f. It's fast and I'm happy with it. Runs great fires 2nd kick cold first kick after that. When a good xr4 comes up I'll buy it and maybe sell the yz. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1425917380.297955.jpg

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