go away winter!

Bought my new to me wr250r in November. Put probably 250 miles on it on whatever nice days we had maybe 5! Its been stuck inside since then because of a horrible winter. I cannot wait for daily commutes to be like a moto session!

I don't park my bikes just because of the cold(or snow/ice either), just get some good cold weather gear and go riding. I don't need to go 50miles ,just 5-7 miles to work, maybe some errands around the closest town. Keeps the itch down at least. I have approx 2000 miles on the couple bikes I run during the winter since Nov. Let them warm up a bit longer in the garage since they don't build up much heat outside,especially at -15F. I also zip tie some cardboard pieces around the engine in places to keep heat in and the carb(s) warmer ect..


Practice and experience on ice makes it not much of an issue, plus certain tires are pretty good on the stuff(I run studs on the side lugs so if it slides out some and starts to tip they grab), just need to be careful and I try to stay away from traffic if there's a lot of it , just in case. For complete snow coverage I have one bike with full studded tires and will take that one till the roads clear up. That option helps to have a pile of rides to choose from though.

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That option helps to have a pile of rides to choose from though.


Yup . Some folks have money and some folks have bikes . ;)

You got that right . I was talking about liking to have a new KTM DS or something like that but can't really afford it , they told me I should sell all my bikes and get 1 new "more modern" model so I don't always have one being rebuilt. Ya right ! What fun is 1 bike ? The one bike I might consider selling some for would be a WR450 or similar if Yamaha ever made a new model and it was street legal.

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