flywheel weight for a 125?

Is it a waste of money to get a flywheel weight for a 125 two stroke?

Depends if you mind the power being very flatten out or not

Yes Noah

Yes Noah

If your riding gnarly single track woods go heavy fww. if you doing motocross, a litte lighter fww if u feel its necessary. It was the best money I have ever put into my woods bike. It makes the power more tractable, you can ride higher gears around more and will not stall easily. Its extremely helpful. for a 125 its the same exact situation.

I put one on my sons 05 YZ 125, he says he likes the bike better with it. I think it has helped him make the transition from his last bike a very mellow TTR 125 to a real race bike.

Woods yes.  Track no.


8oz on my sons RM125 that was a woods bike was great.

How heavy of a fly wheel weight should I go with?

No more than 8 oz

No more than 8 oz

thank you

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