NorCal Riders Help Save Georgetown - Your Help Needed

Everyone, I know this is very short notice. But, there is going to be a meeting on February the 12th at 11 a.m. to discuss the continued funding by the Red/Green sticker program of the maintenance and expansion of the trail system in Georgetown. The Greenies have packed the board and want it shut down. Last year there was a terrible turn out from the OHV community. From what I have been told only two people! The only thing that saved out butts was that there was a respectable turn out from the equestrian community who wants the trail system preserved for everyone. However, this year they are not as well organized. Therefore, this places a greater burden on us to do our part to save our riding areas. Folks, we cannot afford to sit idle on this one. If we do not have a good showing at this meeting the Greenies will have won and we may loose Georgetown forever. Tell everyone you know. We need to pack the meeting with bodies to show support. I have already contacted the following Sacramento area dealers:

Capitol Yamaha

Honda of Sacramento

PCP Yamaha

Cycle Gear

Carmichael Honda

Good Times Kawasaki

Honda of Roseville.

I plan on contacting D36 as well. The address for the meeting is as follows:

2200 Harvard St. Sacramento Ca.

Time/Date: 11 a.m. February the 12th.

Is it worth a little time out of your busy life to help save our trails? Don't rely on others to do it for you. Now is the time to act! Please join us and help make a difference. Thanks, Paul

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