Few more questions about a 2005 DR200

So I'm about to be purchasing a dr200 for $1700 and I'm really excited about it but I have a few questions about the bike it self.. 


If I install a slip on, do I have the re jet the bike?? I was looking at the DG exhaust since it seems like the only option for this bike. I know I have to re jet my drz400 once I install my exhaust, but i'm doing a full exhaust on that bike. If I don't have to open the carbs on this bike, I won't since it only has 1900 miles on it. 


Should I worry about installing a manual cam chain tensioner? I know the earlier drz400's over tighten the chain and I wasn't sure if the same could be said for the DR200. 


Is there a list of all the color schemes they had for this bike? The bike is blue but the emblems are silver, not red like i've been seeing 

with just a muffler change, no jetting required.

with just a muffler change, no jetting required.

doesn't the stock muffler have more back pressure? I think the DG exhaust is a straight through muffler. 

if the intake/ airbox is unchanged, the exhaust doesnt matter for jetting.

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