83 XR200R oil slinger question

My first time tearing down an XR200R to replace the crank and not sure how the oil slinger comes off. Got the cover with the three screws off- is there a nut holding it on? Is it a normal hex nut..doesn't look like one? BTW, the slinger had a lot of oily aluminum powder in it from where the worn cam chain ate some of the case up. Guess i should look at the oil pump for powder too.


When I do get to the point where i can split the case, should I have the left (flywheel) side down and pull up  the right side or does it matter? Thanks.

There is a special tool that has 4 prongs that fits both the oil slinger and the clutch.

Motion Pro #08-0015, available at a lot of dealers.


Thanks guys-ordered one today.

If you have access to an impact gun it sure makes getting these nuts off easier. The last one I pulled apart was crazy tight.

Also use the penny trick of putting in between the gears.


I.e. the crank gear and the clutch gear.



Make sure it is the old school copper penny NOT the zinc penny! :thumbsup:

Thanks on the copper penny tip. I had no idea that pennies are no longer copper. Google says pennies made before 1982 are mostly copper, those made after are mostly zinc!

Use an old aluminum drain plug washer/gasket.

You will probably need a new one anyway.

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