Front Master cylinder Ideas needed.

Wow things have changed. Been many years since I have been around here and needless to say my E has been sitting just as long. Great to see there is people still at it. My E project is back up and I promise to post some pics soon. I was cleaning replacing and going thru everthing carbs and such. I found my front master cylinder empty which is where I left off when I was installing a front ss brake line, but the inside of the master cylinder is caked with white oxidation and it has rust at the bottom, so I need to change it. I can find one on fleebay, but is there any other options out there for me? I do have a wheeling cycles sender unit on this one now for my brakes, so I need that aspect included in my choice and i perfer quality. Thanks for any help in advance. I was looking for the TT475 bike build list but only found fragments.

I have the best luck with Brembo, at the track even the pro's run them.

Beringer is my friend at the track.

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