Msr swing arm rebuild kit

I got an msr rebuild kit that has Teflon bushings that replace the flat roller bearings, any body have any input on those? I'm a little leery of replacing bearings with a bushing. Would love some feed back on this

The All Balls swingarm kit I purchased for my DRZ was the same way... they use a teflon coated washer/bushing in place of the stock torrington bearing.  To make a long story short, I ended up getting another swingarm (due to other damage) and used the bearings that come with it (original and in good shape).


I’m pretty sure it will work just fine, but the stock bearings are usually better quality.  I believe PivotWorks kits use the torrington bearing.

OK thanx fit that info, I'll keep that in mind,... Has some o one on here actually used this kit or these bushings, some feed back would be great , thank you

Pivotworks Pivot Works use the correct thrust bearing as it reduces swingarm stiction compared to a Teflon washer. Not a huge deal but one reason the PW kits are more expensive.

Cool thank you

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