KLX300 countershaft seal

This is a problem. After I split the cases for a new crank, it seemed as though there were 2 seals on the countershaft. After looking at the parts fiche on Bike Bandit, it showed only the one seal, so that's what I've ordered and installed a couple of times and it keeps leaking. A local mechanic told me it only needs one, that for some reason the OEM uses two.


I am referring to part #92049.



So do you have a question?

There are two. One is the one you see here (92049), the other is an o-ring that fits under the sleeve that rides in that seal, behind the countershaft sprocket. The o-ring should be replaced along with the seal.

The dumb thing is the o-ring isn't on that parts diagram. I believe it is on the transmission diagram along with the sleeve.

Thanks. I tried to pull the sleeve off but it doesn't want to budge. I'm preparing for a business trip overseas, so I won't have time to get to it for awhile. I will order a new seal, sleeve, and O ring.

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