I am putting a KG Kevlar clutch on my L and there was NO instructions that came with it.  only question I have is there are some notches on the tabs of the friction plates I installed them so they did  not line up in a single slot of the clutch basket but Just because It seemed like the thing to do at the time. I have not buttoned it up yet,  wating for the oil crank seal any one have any thoughts?



finally got ahold of the factory and there is no significance to the notches on the friction plates,  they can be installed either side out and align the notches any way that floats your boat.  I did like the supplied springs much stiffer and heavier.  but I did not notice much of a differenec in the pull on the lever.

Add 10 to 12mm to clutch arm I did 12mm it will pull real easy!


And a set of these levers will help


Holy cow,  they dont give them pups away!..  I just keep my stock, cut to fit levers protected with acerbis hand gaurds.  havent broke one yet  or  a finger either. 

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