Rmz 450 cooling problem

My rmz450 isn't pumping the coolant from the right hand side radiator to the left, Any ideas why?

Have you checked the water pump ?

I noticed this on my 14 RMZ where I would come in after a moto and the right side Rad would be hot and left side was cold.  I ended up puting a CV4 "Y" hose kit on and it fixed it.  I tihnk a cheaper alternative would be to buy the 15 RMZ, Y fitting and left side hose.  I have a 15 now and it runs cooler and more even than the 14 did stock.


One other thing you might do is take the cap off (when cold) top off the coolant then lean the bike to the left side and open the bleed screw on top of the left rad until coolant flows out, then close it.  I think if you do not do this that it causes an air pocket in the left side that screws up the flow.

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