2005 kx250f jetting

Ok so here is my question. I have a 05 kx250f with powerbomb header. Here in michigan my bike will not start unless I throw a heater on her for like 30 mins. It's been like average over 20 degrees or lower all winter should I wait till summer to mess with jetting and where is a good starting point on jets with my combo

Choke on

3 + full turns of the throttle

Kick 3 times soft, to top dead center

Kick to start with throttle closed

Thanks man I usaly just throw the heat to it I'll try that tomorrow

You will probably have to 'clear' the cylinder first:


kill button on and held on

throttle wide open and held open

kick through a dozen times to remove all old gasses.



You should do this any time it takes more than 6 kicks to start the bike, imho.

Thanks. I start my bike once or twice a month in the winter and let it run for a bit. I don't like letting it sit all winter without starting it

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