yz250 front forks

Just recently changed the seals and oil on my front forks. Just wondering, what's best setting on front forks? Ive used Castrol medium fork oil if that helps and I weigh around 200lbs, (big lad).. Read on a few places 11 clicks.. Just dont wanna end up with whip lash if there to hard! :-P

11 is a good start point but download a mx suspension tuning guide from mx tech to fine tune ,,your sag is the critical thing to start with then go to clickers

Yea set my sag, its 10cm. Will try 11, if I find it harsh I will just tweek it till it feels right!

If it's a late model YZ250 with SSS forks,

Castrol Medium fork oil (10W) is thicker than what those forks were originaly designed to function with, a thin 5W fork oil.


If you haven't done it yet, consider upping the spring rates to match your weight.

Oil weight / clicker adjustments cannot compensate for ridding on the wrong spring rates.

Its 93 yz. Will look into new springs. Think im better off changing oil to 5w.

The old forks were pretty mushy and if they have worn piston rings and shims etc a 10wt may actually work OK ,but it's not a gear around for incorrect springs

The rings and shims are fine. Just needed new oil and seals. But going out this weekend will set it on 11 clicks and see how it feels. Maybe in future more progressive springs may be needed. ;-)

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