New Bike, Lots of Questions

So I am now the proud owner of a 95 XR600R. I bought it from a local guy here in North Lake Tahoe who used it as a summer commuter. She runs decently up here at 6225 feet with a CRF 450 (FCR I assume?) carb and Supertrapp exhaust. My only complaints are the top end cutting out and that she is a real bitch to start when hot. She usually fires right up when cold. The carb is mounted at a bit of an angle to accommodate for the cables coming off it which are right up against the gas tank, which makes me wonder if the float is affected by this. I plan on replacing the the UNI air filter and possibly adjusting the valves in hopes of resolving the starting issue. The bike also doesn't have a decompression lever, and I'm curious if anyone has any tips for starting this beast without one, I assume it has some sort of decompression mechanism built into the kickstarter. I'd also love to put a bigger gas tank on her, but don't know about how one would fit with the cables coming off the top of the carb, anyone have an FCR carb with a big tank? It also seems to struggle with running the blinkers and speedometer. The blinkers only like to come on when it is running above idle, and the TrailTech speedo randomly turns off and the backlight on it never seems to work. It has a 200 watt stator, but I wonder if its gone bad or the battery or voltage regulator is going? Overall it is a killer bike, and my first street legal bike and im super stoked! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

A 200 watt stator should have PLENTY of juice to run anything you need and should not struggle with normal lighting. A bad battery however can put a serious draw on the system and cause the turn signal flashers to not work properly. I would pull the battery and get it load tested or just replace it with new.

The cutting out could be a result of jetting, the old air filter or any number of things. Start with the filter and valve adjustment and go from there.

So I measure the valve clearances last night and they were all good. Got a new air filter but i must have written down the wrong size before i went to pick it up cause its a quarter inch too small! Hopefully ill get the right one tomorrow. While i had the tank off i noticed the carb has a hotstart on it. Didnt notice it before because the cable was jammed under the tank and there is no lever to operate it. The plunger and spring look good But the plastic nut is stripped (of course). Was thinking of ordering a new billet nut and a lever for it but id really rather just have something that i could operate just by reaching down to the carb so i dont clutter my bars up with another lever. Anyone know where i can find such a thing?

As for the light and blinker problem, im pretty sure the battery is shot. Anyone know a good battery to run?

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