What springs for a 210lbs rider YZ 250F 2008

Hi everyone


What spring rates should my buddy use for his weight?

210 lbs without gear, riding motocross only, intermediate level.


I used race tech calc and they recommended something near 5,9 (5,85) for the rear and 0,48 for the front. Is that correct?

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0.49 and 5.7 is what s tech says

But it's borderline on the forks with 0.48

mog the spring rates that you are giving me are in kg/mm yes?


Thanks for such quick answer.

Yes I have converted them from nm

Thank you very much mog for the help.


I ordered a 57N/mm spring (5,8kg/mm) for the rear becouse it was the closest availble spring that I could buy. The other two where 60N/mm (6,1kg/mm) and 54N/mm (5,5 kg/mm).


I think it will work. Thanks again for such quick help.

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