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Ktm 350 blacked out turn signal illegal?

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I have a 2014 ktm 350. I'm buying a new tail light for it. The brake light is red, but the turn signals on side are blacked out. When they blink they are yellow. I live in California and I was wondering if it illegal to have that. If so I'll buy a different one with the turn signals integrated into the brake light. Ty for responses.

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Technically, the turn signals must be 'DOT rated' to be legal....but I don't think you will have a problem.


....but I have had that type of turn signal on several bikes, have had bikes CHP inspected for DOT lighting compliance, and it did not come up, and did pass inspection.

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25950. This section applies to the color of lamps and to any

reflector exhibiting or reflecting perceptible light of 0.05 candela

or more per foot-candle of incident illumination. Unless provided

otherwise, the color of lamps and reflectors upon a vehicle shall be

as follows:

(c) All lamps and reflectors visible from the front, sides, or

rear of a vehicle, except headlamps, may have any unlighted color,

provided the emitted light from all lamps or reflected light from all

reflectors complies with the required color. Except for backup

lamps, the entire effective projected luminous area of lamps visible

from the rear or mounted on the sides near the rear of a vehicle

shall be covered by an inner lens of the required color when the

unlighted color differs from the required emitted light color.

Taillamps, stoplamps, and turn signal lamps that are visible to the

rear may be white when unlighted on vehicles manufactured before

January 1, 1974.

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