YZ 125 clutch arm

On my 2003 YZ 125, I took off the clutch cover to inspect the plates and basket.... Once I got the cover back on the clutch has no tension in it, and I can't get the clutch arm adjusted to save my life. :angry: Any suggestions?? I'd really like to get it going considering we're supposed to have nice weather for once next week in illinois. :rolleyes:

Common problem you didn't put the clutch arm in the right position. You need to move it back so it's points back towards the kick starter.

I lined it up, but the clutch has no tension

I just went through this during a Rekluse install. Move it one groove on the push rod further back. Short of the springs miraculously snapping in two or leaving plates out on reassembly, there's no other reason for lack of tension.

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