2014/15 Graphics question

I have a set of graphics on the way for my 2015 450. My question is, did you guys buy an aftermarket rear fender and air intake or just put them on over stock plastics? My concern is the recessed yamaha logos on the stock plastic. Will they lead to air bubble problems? Or water dirt getting in behind them?

I hate to say this but all my graphics eventually rip and tear (often boots or one good crash) no matter what plastic is used even with pristine installation and no air bubbles.

Knee braces are pretty rough on them, too.

i put graphics on acerbis rear fender and yes you can kind of notice it but you have to look really hard.. you could fill that with something if it really bugged you then put your graphics over it. i used the stock airbox looks fine. My bike looked really good until i rode it one time.. 

I installed my graphics over the rear stock fender. You can easily see where the recessed logo is. But, it is holding up great so far (DeCal Works Graphics) with no rips or issues.

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Alright thanks I think I'll just try them over the stock plastics then

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