Valve brand preference?

It's time for valves on my rmz450, I don't race, but I do rack up quite a few desert hours (100+/- a year) some deep sand occasionally. I've been looking over the options and I think I want steel valves, my mechanic friend said he doesn't like Kibblewhite's valves because he had a issue with a set for a customer, So I've been leaning toward Pro-X or possibly Moose... Kibblewhites aren't entirely out of the question yet though. Any suggestions?

Kibblewhite. ;):smirk:

Yea snivel white valves can be foo foo. I had to send some back for my WR. Once checked I believe they are fine.

Its too bad Manley pretty much left the bike market except HD.  Years ago in our Kaw Z1s we would build that is all we used.  Their stainless valves are the best on the planet.  They do custom applications, though, if you have the money and they can do it there are no better.

If you can afford it. The only valves I recommend are: xceldyne, ferrea, or Del west valves.

FYI: steel valves with rob you of some power. Not a lot but it could be noticeable.

The oem valves are pretty good. Del west are very good and reasonable on price. You prob will feel the difference in power going to the steel valve.

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