wr 450f electrical problems


i have  one wr450f 04  and after the rebuild a electric problem,the problem is that the bike does n't run with out battery or empty baterry.and if the  battery is low the bike runs only in low rpm and if i try to open the throttle it's run off.

the bike run ok if thje bat is full in charged!


any ideas why this happens?





I am not a mechanic but I beleive the negative needs to be ground to frame.

Hope someone can confirm

If it ran well before, then it has to be a wire(s) you touched

get out your meter..... you should check for continuity between the neg post and the frame. meter your resistance on the coils and check all the connectors on the frame. Also the TPS sensor on the carb and the voltage on the battery. how do you know it's electrical and not fuel? will the bike run with the battery out before it was rebuilt?

there is no negative to the frame one negative go to the starter but i have eliminate the starter!this cable must connect to the frame?

I'm sorry, I thought you were wanting to ELIMINATE the battery

I'm sorry, I thought you were wanting to ELIMINATE the battery

this would be great,just i don't now how to do i try the battery eliminator but the bike had not spark!

The negitive cable has to ground to something metal, engine block, frame, doesn't matter. Just leave it where it is. If you have gone over all the connections and you are sure they are all hooked up correctly and that there are no broken wires then you will need a manual and a multimeter to go any further. When diagnosing electrical problems you have to be systematic and follow the manual. I doubt anyone will be able to offer an easy soloution.

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