suspension set up help

so before the hate mail comes, yes i used the search bar and no i couldnt find anything exactly what im looking for. 


So i have done my research on how to properly set up the suspension and i have come to the realization i'm too heavy for my little DRZ. so im looking at getting new springs and using the online calculator as its made some very extreme recommendations. 



for my weight and riding style it recommends i use 0.501kg/mm front springs and 6.2kg/mm rear springs. does this seem excessive to anyone?


the bike has significant sag as it sits right now but i didnt realize it needed that much of an adjustment....

Should be right if you use the calculator right. Im 200 something with gear and they recommended .54kg/mm but at the same time i have a desert tank it really dependson your weight and added weight

Springing and valving for your weight and what you carry is common. Suzuki sets up 180 lbs as its stock range. I weigh that and carry a lot so I had mine sprung and valved for 200 lbs. When I dont carry all my gear the bike is a bit stiffer but a nice ride. OEM set up wore me out quick. Once you respring and re valve set up your static and race sag with all your gear. From that point its just setting clickers to your likings.

cool, thanks. 


should i revalve aswell or can i get away with stock valves. I'm 230 without gear

Try the springs first (it will be night and day trust me) then set the clickers (if you need more then revalve

thanks! will do

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