woodruff key issue what should i do

:usa:I have about 50 miles on the bike so far production # 1279 i think (looked at it earlier) so far it has not happened yet what should i do wait for it to shear off or try to repair it myself (loctite) cause the dealer will only repair if broken correct? my main concern is where i ride i might be 10 miles back in the woods and if it breaks i might be in a bad mood that day and us say its 90 degrees outside if i have a lighter big blue might not make it out :devil:but so far i love the bike i juswt hope it stays that way

Upgrade to the O4 starter design to eliminate this failure in the future. Go to this web site for parts and instructions:


You can save on the cost of the side case if you make a bushing to press into the existing case for the new torque limiter which has a 2mm smaller shaft diameter. :)

what year is it ?

INDY WR 45o Be sure when you buy a WR450

you also own a machine shop. I'm so BLUE :)

Dave you are so red now that you are back on the Honda 250 2 smoke! :):D :D

you don't say what year wr you have. the woodruff issue only effects the '03 model. correct me if i'm wrong guys, the dealers are supposed to perform the lapping, loctiting, and retorque on all wr's. even if there has been no failure yet. some were done before they were sold. call your dealer with the vin number and have him check his service file for the t.s.b. and run your number to see if it has been done.

check torque on flywheel

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