RM 250

So I hate when people do this but I'm gonna do it anyway xD okay so I have a yzf250 and I'm currently looking at a RM 250 1992 yes ik its old but I like old :p I just got the yzf so I'm not super use to it yet... But the RM is a great deal... Should I get it as my second bike...


Got a link to the ad? It totally depends on the specific bike and price.

if its in good shape or its cheap enough to be a project, sure why not.


2 strokes (specifically 125's) are known to make better riders as it forces you to learn to ride (keep on the pipe) where 4 strokes people say "make you lazy".


2 strokes require being on the pipe and in the right gear, where 4 strokes can be lugged more and are forgiving if you are in the wrong gear.


I say buy it(as long as its reasonable shape) and have fun on both, you might realize you prefer one over the other.


where in ont are you?


also if its the one in parkhill for  $1750. that's way too much for a 92 in the shape he claims its in. I would go $1200. max if it was mint, you can get a 00-01 cr250 for around the 2k mark.


always assume that the seller is full of it when they say "fresh" unless they can prove it with receipts or visual proof.

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Ya it is and don't worry I'm not paying that much lol and ik about the not trusting thing. And its not my first tussel with a 2 stroke I loved my 1985 kx80 I completely rebuilt that sucker :p and I'm in around paris ,Woodstock, Brantford area

Like I wanted a newer 125 but meh I'm trading my ttr and 400$

what would you say the value of the ttr is?


I used to live in Brantford.


a 250 is a bit better for trail riding once you get used to the power.


build yourself a leak down tester, http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/432226-pressure-testing-a-2-stroke/


great tool to have, and just as important as a manual.


also grab a compression tester.

Good and idk I bought it for 1100 and its a 2000 and I put rings and head gaskets in it, and that's a great idea thank u I'm supposed to be getting a video of it tonight

post the vid here if you can and want to.


also what size is the ttr?

I had a 1994 RM125 and it was a decent bike. Lots of top end power and speed for a 125. If the right price I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up. I have a 1999 KX250 now. My primary bike was a 2014 Husky WR300 but I found the 1999 KX to provide as much/more fun so I went "backwards" but I'm still quite happy. :ride:

I will when I get it and its just a 125

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