help with oil problem!

i was getting my bike ready for the weekend i ride a 02 yz250f the oil was ok so i juts put a little splash in to top it up then i went for a ride the next day i check the oil and it was overflowing out of the dipstick so i drained all the oil untill it stopped coming out of the drain plug and i checked the dip stick it was still overflowing??? can anyone help me i have no idea what has happened any help is appreciated because i would like to ride this weekend

You do know you have two oil drain bolts on it don't you? One in the frame and one in the motor..

Did u check with the bike hot or cold? If the oil level was OK why add? Also from my understanding the oil level should be between the marks not up at the top. Dont know if u know that or not but alot of people believe it has to be at or above the top tick mark.

I fixed it guys I found both drain plugs thanks for the help tho

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