Prox / Psychic Valve Expierence Anyone?

I have to replace the intake valves on my 03 WR450. I am not going to go with Ti valves due to the cost but also becasue I want the longer life of SS valves. The bike is allready fast and I will happily trade some performance for long term opertaing cost.


Does anyone have any expierence with the Pro X or Psychic valve kits on Ebay? I know I have to change the springs and seals too. Has anyone installed them and is able to report on their reliability or life? I'm in Canada and we buy parts in US dollars up here. Right now the exchange rate works out to +25% price on everything so I want to keep the cost down. That said, you do get what you pay for.





Chinese valves are a gamble. I will NEVER try them again.

OEM valves are not a gamble.

You should get 500+ hours with the stock valves, so they aren't really expensive.

You MUST re-cut the seats to match the new valves, so just get it done professionally.

are they made in china?

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